Monday, June 13, 2011

First Garden Offerings

I almost didn't get any on account of the squirrels. They are into everything! Thankfully I was able to find row covers which seem to help.

The radishes are ready. This year I saved the leaves.....
...and made pesto ( sort of)!
So easy. All I did was collect about 2 1/2 handfuls of leaves and removed the stems. Chopped them a bit and threw in food processor with olive oil, fresh garlic, parmesan cheese, a squirt of lemon juice, left over dried parsley from last year's crop, salt, pepper, and some sunflower seeds ( I don't think its really pesto unless you use pine nuts but I didn't have any). MMmmm....


  1. Looks and sounds yummy. The garden is really amazing.

  2. Thanks! Should have planted triple the amount as I wanted to make enough pesto to freeze.