Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Socks 'n' Stuff

What motivated me to knit them was that I make my husband scream in bed. Thats what I told the civilized ladies on day 1 in sock knitting class (but could not finish my sentence in time to recover). For some reason when I get into bed my feet are always freezing and in an attempt to put them against his warm legs he screams. My feet are so cold its surprising they are attached to a living body, but these super soft wool socks will put an end to all that. They are so cozy the husband wants a pair now.
(Thanks to daughter younger for modeling my bed socks but not for running in the wet grass in them, and to daughter elder for taking the pic).

This is a nice method for the bind off. Its super stretchy and sits nicely against the leg without being too snug.

...or you can read about it here.

I woke up to see this card from daughter elder. She's 15 now and you never quite know what to expect. I did not expect this card.

This from my anti-organic daughter. I made pickled beets last week. Didn't think she noticed. I love it.

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