Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More on Bees

Its -45C with windchill today, not the time of year one normally thinks of bees. I stumbled upon the subject again in chapter nineteen in Growing Older, a Chronicle of Death, Life, and vegetables by Joan Dye Gussow. In the book A World Without Bees, it talks about Colony Collapse Disorder and how it is in large part responsible for bees dying off, with 2009 being the worst year yet. But it was a quote in Joan's book that sealed my love affair with bees....
"They're dying of unrequited love. They love what they do for us. we just don't love them back".
Next year I'm planting more perennials that attract bees to the yard but right now I must get back to shoveling.

PS: I want to be like Joan when I grow up, but instead of getting ears pierced at age 80 I'll get a bee tattoo. Oh ya.

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