Friday, August 20, 2010

Bees are Back

August 14th saw another malathion spraying on my street, but this time the bees and butterflies did not disappear! Even being in a buffer zone, I assume it depends upon the wind and I was happy to see this as it took the bees a long time to come back to the yard after previous sprayings. There have been 4 sprayings on my street so far this season.

The bumble bee is my absolute favourite to watch. There are not many in the yard since the initial fogging, so it gives me great joy when I spot one in the flowers. I love how the legs dangle when they fly and watch in awe how they are able to fly with such a fat body! Another type of bee seems to be in abundance, especially in the Joe Pie Weed located just outside our front door. I ljust learned of its name.... tricoloured bumblebee. They are described as large bees, although the ones in the yard are not.

On a completely different note, I spotted a humming bird fluttering around the bean pole today!

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