Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boathouse Discovery

The B man found this letter a few years ago in the boathouse. It is written in pencil and is quite faded. I'm guessing it was written in Nov or very early Spring. In the bottom of the boathouse, where we park the boat, it is written Pete's Place in chalk on one of the beams:

To Pete's Place,
We were on a strange trip across country in a canoe through the Winnipeg River system. We found ourselves exhausted and facing heavy rain and we took shelter in your boathouse, but upstairs we found warm beds, one that maybe kept us alive. I cannot say where we will be but thank you.
Phill McPhearson, Paully Watson, Tewen Ary ( with a heart drawn on top of the y), and another name that is illegible.

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