Monday, June 14, 2010

This baby bunny is causing me no end of grief. He is like his mother who just stares at you as she chomps away at your goods. He will only hop a few steps ahead if you try to chase it, and then looks back as if to say " what's your problem?". He even ran over my neighbour's foot as she was watering her plants. There will be no doe hill peppers on account of this furry little menace.

Looked out the kitchen window this morning to see 5 dragonflies sitting on these bamboo sticks and a few more flying about (most were scared off as I tried to take the photo). I have never seen that many in the yard before! This can only mean one thing....THE MOSQUITOS HAVE ARRIVED......

This apple tree was planted last summer and it gave us 2 apples. We were told to expect 3-5 this year. Turns out this tree is a freak of nature as I counted 30 apples on the bottom branches alone. Aren't they cute? I plucked most of them off before taking this picture.

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