Saturday, August 8, 2009

The girls and I spent 5 days at Room to Grow organic farm. It is also a greenhouse, woodland sanctuary, and guest house. We came to spend time here as Wwoofers in search of skills related to organic gardening and to experience harvesting the food we eat. Aside from vegetables they have a huge herb garden and a first crop of organic tobacco for native ceremonies. The family was incredibly welcoming and we met our objective. As a bonus we learned how to cope outside of our comfort zone. We stayed in a converted greenhouse that had no electricity or running water. We chose to bathe in the creek instead of running up to the main house to shower. We ran right past the leeches and swam into the middle of the creek . It felt great not to be held back by our (mostly mine) fears! As a parting gift they gave us a huge pot of Lemon Balm which my younger daughter was particularly fond of. I love that we will have this herb in our garden as a constant reminder of the wonderful learning experience we had.I was so inspired that I spent the first evening back home in the garden collecting herbs and drying them.

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