Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birch Update

Dan the arborist came out to give a quote on taking down the birch (seen in blog title photo). I had to have the right person to do this painful job due to my attachment to this tree. He was helpful in pointing out that if I cut it down now, it will still be useful as firewood. The tree is terminal and if I let it go naturally, we will have to take it to the dump and also it risks infecting other trees. He agreed the chemical I was using to keep it alive is nasty to the environment.
Dan mentioned that he has a fellow working for him who will be cutting down our tree and who likes to carve the bottom part of the tree into shapes of bears. Some customers who have obliged end up calling the company back a few years later because their 'bear' is sprouting. After hearing that, I knew these were the right people for me. The deed will be done day after tomorrow. I had the winter to grieve and now I am looking toward the future. True, the most beautiful birch tree I ever knew will be gone, but new life will come. I see apple trees in the future of this front yard.

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  1. It was sad to see this tree go, but it will give off great heat for many nights at Judy's