Monday, April 20, 2009

The Closet

I figure if these closets ( the husband has one too) were big enough for the people who lived here when they built this house in 1956 then they are big enough for us now. There are 2 hangers you can't see which hold 4 pair of slacks each. I have the same type of hanger for shirts so everything is compact and I can see them easily. Summer clothes are in a box under the bed. I discovered when I had more clothes that I would wear only some of them a lot of the time anyway. When originally toning down the wardrobe I put all the clothes in garbage bags in the basement for a year. If I didn't miss the clothes after the year was up, they got donated.
I would like to organize other areas of my life as well as I have the closet so I am posting this pic for inspiration.

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