Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I love Freecycle!!!!  Instead of driving stuff to the Salvation Army  I just post what I want to give away and somebody picks it up, usually the same day.  People are so appreciative and it is nice to know somebody finds my unused stuff useful. This encourages  give away more stuff, the sentimental things that we no longer need or use... like the Shredded wheat poster we had hanging in our kitchen when we first got married 18 years ago, the same poster my kids say is gross and now sits on the floor of the laundry room.    OK, so I haven't been able to let go of that yet.  
I am a minimalist by nature so  not often tempted by all the good offers posted.  People give away all kinds of great stuff and it can be tempting to want to collect it.  I have a few self made rules with this site.  Only pick up an offer if it is what I need (versus want) and  if it is being offered in my area.   I received 2 pyrex bread pans because I am baking my own bread these days, reading glasses to replace the pair that broke, and canning jars.  A brief history can be found at www.freecycle.org/about/background

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  1. I tried freecycle last year and ended up cancelling! I would get over 400 emails per DAY!!!! I loved it in theory though, glad its working for you. Maybe they've changed the email thing? and I love the 'gross' poster!