Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beautiful Birch Tree

I love this majestic looking tree.    It provided us with shade on many hot summer days.  A large branch near the top died 2 years ago and  was informed it was due to the birch bark beetle.   When a birch tree reaches this age, it will either die of  not having enough water, or the beetle will kill it.  There is no way to rid the tree of the beetle once it takes hold.  It attacks the nervous system of the tree.  The only hope is to have a tree service company come out and apply  Dimethoate (you have to have a license to use this product)  in the Spring and Fall, which I've had done 3 times so far.  It is highly toxic to birds and honeybees so I've decided for the greater good not to continue with this treatment.   It seems odd to be thinking about this  in the dead of winter but  I am trying to prepare myself as the tree will go fast from what  I've been told.

  2 years ago I planted a  Patmore Ash after learning the birch was terminal, knowing that as I watch this big tree go, I will have the new growth of a healthy tree to comfort me.  This  little Patmore Ash has become the Tree of Hope.  2 weeks after planting it, my neighbour Pat informed me she had uterine cancer. The next year the tree was taller and full of leaves and Pat was cured.  Last fall I planted a bunch of lillies all around my little Tree of Hope  when I found out my sister had breast cancer.  This Spring I look forward to seeing them  in full bloom  for the first time and i will be reminded  of my sister who willhave completed her treatment by then and will be back to living a full and healthy life.  

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  1. I love this tree! We had a birch tree in our front yard which was finally cut down by the city months ago. For me it felt good to see it go, it had been sick so long, like the rest of the birches on the block...it felt symbolic, getting rid of the sick tree and me getting rid of my cancer. It was a good day to see it go. I'm sorry about yours...knowing and seeing it in its beauty. Ours was dead and dark when we bought the house. I also like the other tree and lily story. Grow and bloom!