Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long Run Rounds

In a few minutes I'll be meeting up with the Frosty Foxes for our weekly  long Sunday run.You need a little energy midway  on these kinds of runs. This  recipe came from a running magazine.  I have been using these energy balls for the last couple of weeks instead of buying those fancy packets of energy goop squirt thingies. These taste better  and seem to do the same job.  I've also been eating them before the runs instead of making breakfast. There is one drawback however.... when eating them outside it feels like chewing on a rock .  We have to hold it in our mouths till they soften up in this cold weather  (minus 39 celcius today).

1 comment:

  1. I wondered what the Frosty Fox was! Those energy 'balls' (nice term by the way, ha ha) look great. Can I get that recipe too? I couldn't open your yogurt recipe either, ugh. You're crazy to be running in that weather! I am envious though, I am aching to be back to normal. Have fun!!!!