Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lesson of the day

Never eat beans the night before a 10 miler.

Later in the day when the stomach settled the B man and I decided to go skiing  as it was such a nice day (minus 11 celcius!!).  He bought these  skis used 10 years ago but only got around to rebinding them last month.  We probably would have spent less money if we bought a new pair of skis (rebinding is ridiculously expensive) but I liked the idea of using these old beauties.    


  1. Ha ha, yikes! I hope you managed to make it through or find a bathroom along the way! Way to go on the 10 MILES by the way.

  2. I slipped into a Tae Kwon Do building at mile 4 and used the facilities. Snuck in the back door. Its hard to try and blend in when one is wearing a bright reflective running outfit.

  3. Ha ha, isn't that always the way! And skiing, you guys are on a roll with activity. I wish...but my day will come.